Leading Lights in the Transformation

The Ruhr valley has set out to become the greenest industrial region in the world. From sustainability to smart technology, it is people and their research that are making the Ruhr metropolitan region fit for the future and a better place to live. Here’s an introduction to six leading lights in this transformation.

There are 5.1 million people making the Ruhr metropolitan region what it is today – and what it will become. Many of them work in the field of science and research, developing concepts and innovations inside the Ruhr valley for tomorrow’s world.

What will the energy supply of the future look like? How do these smart minds plan to make the digital world safer for us all? What solutions do they hope to find for curing illnesses such as cancer? Scientists from the Ruhr valley are driving research and transformation forward with their knowledge and their vision. They are the leading lights in the transformation.

Header: Julia Tiganj, Leading Light in the Transformation

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